About Us

I’m Krissa, the Yoga Teacher.

krissa 8a namasteMy name is Krissa (a.k.a. Mrs Ludvigsen). My Mom’s Filipino, my Dad’s Scottish. I was born in the U.S. but grew up in Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong. While I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant/Freelancer by trade (you can read more about that here), yoga is my passion and the underlying thread that ties everything together in my life. I’m a 200hr and 500hr certified Dharma Yoga instructor and currently teach at Leela Yoga in Oslo, Norway. You can find my teaching schedule here.

Having practiced now for over 10 years, yoga to me is more than just the physical (asana) practice. Yoga for me is the lens through which I see the world. It purifies my thoughts, distils my emotions, softens my words and inspires my actions. In short? It makes me a better person. Aside from the yoga, I also climb, though I’m still a novice. My husband, Nicolas (see below) got me into it. It was our second date, and I suppose his way of testing me out! 😛 Guess I passed!

This is Nicolas, the Climber.

Nicolas (a.k.a Mr Ludvigsen) is half American, half Norwegian, was born in Switzerland but grew up in Belgium for most of his life. He’s an Engineer by trade so when I’m talking about Information Architecture for websites, he’s actually talking to real architects about building plans! 😛 Saying that, he has been climbing for as long as I’ve been practicing yoga (i.e. 10 years) and is also a certified indoor climbing instructor. When not climbing, Nicolas practices yoga at home and in the studio. He uses the physical practice to stretch and maintain flexibility for the wall, but is also a huge fan of pranayama, yogic breathing exercises that help create stillness and focus in the body and mind. I guess you can say, we teach each other!

The Dharma Approach is our way of giving back.

Dharma is a sanskrit word. It means: the cosmic order that makes life and the universe possible, the right way of living, the purification and moral transformation of human beings, the “path of righteousness”. Approach is the path or way that you get to the crag (the area where you climb), and a big part of the adventure. The Dharma Approach is our way of documenting and sharing the things that we love, the things that keep us on a path of happiness and inspiration in this lifetime. For us, that’s yoga, climbing, plant-based food and the joy of travelling.

Thanks for stopping by!

– K + N