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These Words I Live By

Live every day with Grace, Humility, Strength, Hope… and Trust.

Living with Grace is about elegance and surrender. It is learning to move mindfully, fluidly and with the least amount of resistance or unnecessary turbulence throughout your entire life. To live with grace is to live with acceptance, no matter what the outcome. With Grace, no matter how many hardballs are thrown at you, it is your ability to gather yourself, remain composed, and conduct your self with dignity, integrity and respect – not just for you, but the people around you. 

Living with Humility is about being humble and recognising that no matter how many triumphs and achievements you might have, you are – in essence – no better than anyone else. It is the ability to fall on one’s knees and bow your self so deep into the floor you feel the cold, hard wood press against the flesh and skin of your forehead. Living with Humility, is about your ability to recognise the presence of something greater and more magnificent than yourself… and then honouring that.

Living with Strength is to realise that you have all the energy and all the potential in the world to become the very best version of your self. It is about independence and courage, to stand up on your own two feet and fire up the tapas burning up inside. You are an incredibly powerful being. Know that. And I mean, really know that.

Living with Hope is something we all must do. Hope is the air that lifts us up higher. Hope is the ability and capacity to dream. Hope is the proof that we yearn for something better, and in so doing is a reflection that we are enjoying living so much that we want something more. To hope is to pray. And in prayer we find honesty – an honesty that reveals what it is we long for deep inside, when that coin is tossed up in the air and we have a split-second to decide which way we hope it will land.

Living with Trust, ah, well that is something that counterbalances the Hope, and something that really tests the presence of all the other core values above. When we trust, it allows us to move gracefully. Because we do not resist. When we trust, it enables us to be humble. Because we stand in awe of something more than ourselves. When we trust, it gives us strength to keep moving forward. When we trust, it anchors our hope and makes it smooth around the edges. It enables us to relax and just let ourselves be. Because we can’t all, always, be in the driver’s seat. Everyone needs to be cut some slack and everyone needs a break. And in that moment of rest, we trust, that even though we are not in control, something else is. And it is in everyone’s best interest that we keep going. Otherwise, why are we even here?

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