About us

The Dharma Approach is a small, family-run business based in Norway, founded by yogi-climber duo – Krissa and Nicolas. We hold classes and workshops, as well as design and sell yoga props via our webshop.

We teach stuff.

We are Krissa and Nicolas. Krissa is an E-RYT certified 200hr and 500hr Dharma Yoga Teacher who’s been practicing for over 10 years. Nicolas is an avid climber and certified indoor climbing instructor. When not doing yoga, Krissa loves to build strength and conquer her fears on the wall. When not climbing, Nicolas loves to meditate and stretch on the mat. We like to inspire each other.

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We make stuff.

We recently launched our online store which currently features (as far as we know!) the first ever pre-cut yoga straps that use a combination of cotton and elastic to help you get deeper in a pose. Our goal is simple: we want to make yoga straps that are easy to use. Straps are available in Small, Medium and Large and in 7 different colours.

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Why “The Dharma Approach”?

“Dharma” is a sanskrit word. It refers to the cosmic order that makes life and the universe possible… the right way of living… the purification and moral transformation of human beings… to be on the “path of righteousness”. It also happens to be my guru’s name (Sri Dharma Mittra) and the lineage to which I belong – Dharma Yoga. In the climbing world, the “approach” is the path or way that you get to a crag (the area where you climb), and often a big part of the adventure. In plain english, it also means a way of doing something. The Dharma Approach is therefore our way of sharing the things that we love, the things that keep us on a path of happiness and inspiration in this lifetime. For us, that’s yoga, climbing, plant-based food and the joy of travelling and togetherness.

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