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The Dharma Approach is a small, family-run business based in Norway, founded by me – Krissa Ludvigsen. I hold classes and workshops, as well as design and sell yoga straps via this webshop.

I teach stuff.

I am a 500hr certified Dharma Yoga Teacher who’s been practicing and teaching internationally for over 10 years. I have taught classes at the following locations / studios / festivals / events:


  • Moving Arts Base, Angel & Islington
  • SOHO Gyms, London
  • KX Gym, Chelsea
  • London School of Economics

Hong Kong

  • Yoga Bam Bam, Sheung Wan/Soho
  • Embody, Discovery Bay
  • OpenSpaceDB, North Plaza, Discovery Bay
  • Movement Improvement, Discovery Bay
  • Secret Island Party 2014
  • Secret Island Party 2015


  • Leela Yoga, Oslo
  • Raw Yoga, Oslo
  • Joy Yoga, Oslo
  • Humle Yoga, Hvaler
  • Nøsen Yoga Retreat
  • Atman Yoga School
  • AYS Festival 2020

I have also attended workshops with Sri Dharma Mittra, Andrei Ram, Meghan Currie, Briohny Smith and Dice lida-Klein, Patrick Creelman, Amy Ippoliti, Jason Crandell, Sharath Jois,Tiffany Cruikshank, Dov Mittra, David Swenson, Ana Forest, Duncan Peak, Jason Nemer, Carlo Mendes, Joakim Olin, Kino MacGregor…

Check out my classes and my workshops.

I make stuff.

After struggling to find the perfect yoga strap to help teach my own classes and events, I decided to make them myself! Dharma Straps are a new kind of yoga strap. They are buckle-free, hassle-free, closed loops that come in 3 different sizes and a wide range of fun and grounding colours. My goal is simple: to make yoga straps that are easy to use. Browse our store.

Why “The Dharma Approach”?

“Dharma” is a sanskrit word which refers to one´s inherent qualities, traits and predispositions. It´s your human and spiritual calling or vocation. I like to think of it as how we apply ourselves in this lifetime, and for what purpose? It also happens to be my guru’s name (Sri Dharma Mittra) and the lineage to which I belong – Dharma Yoga. The Dharma Approach is therefore my way of sharing my world and personal experiences of practicing yoga all these years.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hello and welcome to The Dharma Approach portal by Krissa Ludvigsen. I am a 500HR certified Dharma Yoga Instructor based in Oslo, Norway. I teach classes and workshops, as well as sell buckle-free, hassle-free yoga straps called “Dharma Straps”. I hope you find what you need!
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