Dharma Straps – *Full Kit*


Our Dharma Straps kit bag comes with 1 x small, 1 x medium and 1 x large strap. The discounted pricing means that you buy 2 and get the 3rd for just 50kr (US$4).

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We make yoga straps that are easy to use, using a combination of both cotton handles for easier grip and durable elastic for more stretch. Our straps are closed loops, pre-measured and available in small (17-25cm), medium (34-55cm) and large size (68-135cm). Perfect for stretching, backbends, reaching and binds. No buckles. No fuss. Just pick up and go!

Key Features:

~ Closed Loop 

Dharma Straps are closed loops which come in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium & Large). Their clean, circular design make them super simple to use.

~ No buckles, no fuss

Dharma Straps are only made out of soft but sturdy material. No hard and annoying buckles to have to deal with.

~ Cotton handles for easy grip

Our handles are made out of 2-layered cotton webbing, similar to traditional yoga straps. This provides familiarity and more importantly: more friction to grip.

~ Durable elastic for more give 

The elastic part of our straps are made out of 3.8cm wide, thick polyester and latex material that provides enough surface area to sit nicely on the skin.

~ Mix & Match

Straps are available in different sizes and colours. You can buy them separately or as a discounted kit bag.

~ Full reversible

Symmetrical sewing on both sides means you can flip your straps inside-out or outside-in depending on your mood. Point our 3rd eye chakra logo outwards to remind fellow yogis to go deeper in their practice. Face it inwards to remind yourself.

~ Designed & tested in Norway

Earlier versions of these straps were used in actual yoga classes taught here in Norway.

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