Backbend Workshop

2.5hr workshop focusing on backbends, a.k.a. “heart-openers”. Topics include: benefits of backbending, how body type affects us, how to warm up for backbends, 10 common poses w/ beginner to advanced variations, how to use props like the yoga block and our Dharma Straps to facilitate and deepen your practice.

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Backbends, a.k.a. “Heart-Openers” – you either love them or hate them. Flexi people love them, but need more core. Stiff people hate them, but actually could really use them. In this workshop we will look at how different body types approach backbends differently, why we backbend and how to do this safely, confidently and with control. We will look at 10 backbend poses in depth, with beginner to advanced variations shown for each, warm up sequences to get the most out of your bend, and how to use various props to expand more and go deeper in your practice.

Throughout the course we will look at:

  • Warm-up sequences for backbends
  • About the spine
  • Why backbend?
  • Things to look out for (contraindications)
  • How body type affects your practice
  • Breakdown of common backbend poses we encounter
  • Group and paired demonstrations
  • Biomechanics (the HOW and WHAT parts of our body that’s working)
  • Modifications (stage 1/2/3 evolution of the pose)
  • How to use props like yoga blocks and our Dharma Straps to facilitate and deepen your practice
  • Considerations for teachers
  • Learn how to breathe in backbends

What to bring:

  • An empty stomach! (Please try not to eat too soon to class. Have at least a 2hr break in between your last meal and class time. Or have something very light.)
  • Wear comfortable/regular yoga clothes
  • Pen & Paper
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