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Finally, a yoga strap that is easy to use! No buckles. No fuss. Just a simple closed loop available in 3 different sizes, as single pieces or a full kit.

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We make buckle-free, hassle-free yoga straps that are easy to use. Shaped like a simple closed loop, our yoga straps feature cotton handles for easier grip and a custom-made high resistance elastic for a sturdy and supportive stretch. Available in 3 sizes: Small (17cm), Medium (34cm), Large (68cm) or full kit. Perfect for stretching, backbends, reaching and binds. For beginners to advanced practitioners.

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Key Features

~ No Buckles, No Fuss

Dharma Straps are buckle-free, hassle-free yoga straps that help you transition in and out of poses easily.

~ Closed Loop 

Our yoga straps are simple closed loops which come in 3 different sizes: small (17cm), medium (34cm) and large (68cm). Their clean, circular design make them super easy to use whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner.

~ Cotton Handles for Easy Grip

Our handles are made out of 85% cotton, 15% polyester cotton webbing, similar to traditional yoga straps.

~ Custom-Made High Resistance Elastic for Stability and Support 

The elastic part of our yoga straps feature a custom-made high-resistance band that is 3.8cm wide, made of natural rubber and polyester.

~ Mix & Match

Straps are available in different sizes and colours. You can buy them separately or as a discounted kit bag.

~ Designed & Tested in Norway

We are proud to say that we designed these yoga straps ourselves and have successfully used them to teach regular yoga classes and workshops here in Oslo.

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