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“Focus on breathing is important to me during a yoga class. Dharma yoga has both a flow and focus on individual poses. Krissa engages the class, makes people feel comfortable and welcome. After class, people line up to thank her but also to be able to chat with someone who cares. Dharma Yoga is truly about the community and sharing the message of peace, love and respect for all living beings. Krissa truly embodies this.”

– Nicolas L, Norway

“For the first time I actually tried to do headstand. It just happened naturally by itself that I started lifting my legs from the ground, and that was amazing <3”

– Camilla L, Norway

“Good mix of challenging poses, stretch and meditation. Also some flow and dynamic yoga. Great to start with meditation and to finish with it as well.”

– Anna Felicia J, Norway

“I like that its playful and challenging. I also love the teacher, both the way she teaches and her voice. She is also very welcoming and warm :)”

– Eliann T, Norway

“It pushes my boundaries. I always progress in Dharma classes. It’s also inspiring with changes in the classes – it’s never the same choreography. I also like that it’s challenging even though I don’t manage all the poses.”

– Sofie D, Norway

“It is my new year’s resolution to attend all of Krissa’s Dharma classes. I am a beginner and I love the way she helps me progress. She is also really motivating and funny.”

– Marie E, Norway

“The class feels well balanced! Addressing the unity of the yoga spectrum and also the body and its multiple possibilities of movement. Krissa is beautifully present, professional and positive. Such a well of inspiration.”

– Maiken R, Norway

“Clear and precise. Like the balance of the spiritual and the physical practice. Chanting. Pranayama! In general, I love the efficiency of the class and that there is room for all three elements (meditation, asana, pranayama)…”

– Anja V, Norway

“Thanks teacher for getting me in to poses that I have never done. I’m sure that my body will be thinking about you tomorrow. Your classes are so light and delightfully authentic. You’ve got this easygoing, carefree way to teach which is balanced by the precise information that you teach. Straight to the point but playful. Thanks for being my yoga teacher, Krissa Curran. I know how challenging mixed level classes are. Teaching a yoga teacher (me) and an absolute beginner, and still keeping the energy flowing, is a real skill.”

 Melanie B, Hong Kong

“You are truly an inspiring person and have made my love for yoga grow immensely…”

Michelle B, Hong Kong

“I really can’t thank you enough for the emotional and physical support you’ve unknowingly given me through yoga. You’ve inspired me tons and I just wanted you to know how much of an impact you’ve made on me before you leave for Norway!”

– Gabi S, Hong Kong

“Awesome class :-)”

 Zoe C, Hong Kong

“I like that the classes are challenging and physically push us, and that it really works on stretching the muscles and body out. The classes environment is also really comfortable and so was very quick to ease in to.” 

– Danielle A, London

“The session had a relaxing atmosphere rather than one of a workout, even though I was sweating and did feel like my body got a pretty good workout. The small class size made the experience more intimate and made me surer that I was doing it right since the teacher had the time to make sure each of us were doing the poses correctly. There was very little preaching involved and explanations for why certain poses were done in certain ways was explained with clarity and made sense.” 

– DJ S, London

“I enjoyed Krissa’s Dharma Yoga class because it was intense and interesting. I didn’t think about the time once and each pose presented a new challenge. Even though I wasn’t any good at any of them, I didn’t feel bad about it as Krissa kept saying that we’ll improve our technique on this pose over the course. It gives me yet another reason to continue attending the class. At the end of the class, I felt like I’d done a huge workout which sometimes isn’t the case in other yoga lessons I’ve done with other instructors. I liked the music being played in the background and I liked Krissa adjusting me so I never became lazy and got the most out of each stretch. When I couldn’t see Krissa at times, she took the time to demonstrate the pose next to me. It was appreciated… it was one of the best yoga classes I’ve been to.”

 Joanna A, London

“Feels good! It’s a class that allows easy application of mindfulness and awareness.” 

– Matthew B, London

“I definitely noticed an improvement in my flexibility and yoga shell over the past few weeks so it’s definitely been a great experience for me! I really enjoy progressing further and learning more about yoga, breathing, poses, etc. Teach me more poses! I love it! :)”

 Ileana L, London

Hello and welcome to The Dharma Approach portal by Krissa Ludvigsen. I am a 500HR certified Dharma Yoga Instructor based in Greater Vancouver, Canada. I teach classes and workshops, as well as sell buckle-free, hassle-free yoga straps called “Dharma Straps”. I hope you find what you need!
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