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Dharma Yoga Norway

About Dharma Yoga

Dharma Yoga is a graceful, yet challenging form of yoga based on Sri Dharma Mittra‘s almost fifty years of practice of classical yoga. The practice is appropriate for students of all levels, from beginner to lifelong practitioners and accessible to so many because it meets each student where they are and according to their condition. As students move through the different series, they are encouraged to go deeper and experience the practice in a meditative and spiritual way. Sri Dharma’s passion for helping students go deeper in their practice using only the best and most efficient techniques with the ultimate goal of Self-Realization (gaining absolute knowledge of the True Self) is reflected in all aspects of the Dharma Yoga system. Dharma Yoga has roots in all 9 forms of yoga including Hatha, Raja, Karma, Kriya, Bhakti, Japa, Laya and Jnana, as well as a focus on the Eight Limbs of Yoga (Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga) with great emphasis placed on the Yamas and Niyamas. In essence, Dharma Yoga is a system of classical Hatha-Raja Yoga. A devotional practice that emphasizes good health, a clear mind and a kind heart. The method weaves together many teachings in order to bring all students closer to the goal of Self-Realization.

Dharma Master Yoga Chart / Poster
At age 45 Dharma Mittra photographed himself in 1,350 postures as an act of devotion to his guru, Yogi Gupta. 908 of these photos were used to create the Master Yoga Chart (seen in countless yoga studios around the world) and published in his book, Asanas.

Dharma Yoga Classes in Norway

There are currently two Dharma Yoga teachers conducting classes in Norway. See details below:

Krissa Ludvigsen

(Currently on sabbatical)

Ingrid Moe

Spiregården, Kristiansand

If you know any other Dharma Yoga teachers who should be added to this list, please get in touch. Thanks 🙂

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